Spring HVAC Tips and tricks

After the Winter you probably didn’t need to use your AC unit for much all the way through the new year. Spring is the best time to start that air conditioner maintenance, they call it “Spring Cleaning” for a reason. Using this time is important for you to prepare your system for the summer months when AC units are the most important. Not only will you want to cool your house down but you want to keep your air clean and breathable. Regular air conditioner maintenance also means you can keep your energy bills low and sudden, costly repairs or replacements at the back of your mind. 


Here are some ideas to think about this spring to keep your AC unit running smoothly:


  • Change your air filter
    • Spring is the time when pollen levels are at an all-time high so replacing that filter might be on the top of that list. It’s usually at the top of the list because it is easy to do and it can have a big impact on not only the health of your unit but your own health as well. Your AC unit will also struggle less due to a dirty particle-filled filter being replaced, this should be replaced monthly or cleaned monthly if it is a washable filter. 
  • Check your ductwork 
    • Your duct system for your system might have holes or leaky joints so they will need to be sealed. Any cracks in the system need to be taken care of first.
  • Clear the drainage hole
    • A drainage hole is usually located at the bottom of your AC unit’s cabinet. If this is not manually cleared then it can get clogged and put stress on your unit and lower the overall efficiency of it. No one wants more money on their electric bill.
  • Clear your outside unit
    • You should check your outside unit regularly to make sure that your unit is pulling in the air it needs to regulate the temperature in your home.
  • Keep your windows and doors closed
    • Not only is this a general safety concern, but it can also actually help your ac unit! The AC unit will try extra hard to regulate the temperature of your house. Letting in too much air will put more strain on your system and reduce the efficiency of the system but increase the costs accrued on your energy bill. Plus this will help keep pollen and other allergens outside of your home!
  • Create a Maintenance plan with us
    • While you may have followed these tips and more there are just some things that a professional could notice that you overlooked. We can help keep your costs down by looking out for you and making sure that everything is running smoothly!

Make sure to keep your AC Unit in tip-top shape before the summer 


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