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Let Stevensons HVAC help you save money this year.

Heating and cooling are responsible for most of the energy costs in your home or business. With Stevensons HVAC service, you can ensure that you are getting the best service at the best prices.

At best, poor heating and cooling service leaves you feeling uncomfortable and your wallet feeling empty. At worst, poor heating and cooling service can be downright dangerous. With something so important, you can’t trust just anyone. Make sure you have a partner with a company like Stevensons Air Control in Des Plaines, IL.

How to increase your savings.

Maintenance is key with heating and cooling service. If your system is not operating at its best, you might as well be burning money in your furnace. If your system has to work harder than it has to, it is going to consume more energy, which costs you money, and it is going to shorten its lifespan, which also costs you money. If your home is poorly insulated or you have hot/cold spots, these can cause your system to work less efficiently. It is also important to make sure that your filters are clean and you have no moisture build-up in your home or business. All of these little things can add up to be a big problem if left unaddressed. Stevensons HVAC has maintenance programs to make sure your system is working at its best.

Follow these tips to keep your costs as low as possible:

  1. Run your system to your comfort level when you are at home, but when you leave, make sure that you set it 5-10 degrees higher (depending on your environment).
  2. Check for drafts. Look around for any areas where air may escape from the home. Windows and doors are the best places to check first. If you find any areas that seem to be leaking air, find a way to seal them, or give Stevensons Air Control us all!
  3. Check your filters! A dirty filter not only obstructs the airflow, but it can also clog up your system, fill your home with dust and allergens, and make your system over-work itself which can lead to costly repairs.
  4. Check your insulation. Older homes often have less insulation in the walls and ceilings. They also use thinner windows. A well-insulated home will maintain the temperature much more efficiently than one without it. This is not as simple of a problem to address, but if it’s possible, improving your insulation can make a huge improvement in your heating and cooling efficiency.
  5. Try a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat gives you control of the temperature even when you are away from home. Instead of waiting for your home to become comfortable, you can use a smart thermostat to schedule the times your system runs to make sure your home is already feeling comfortable the moment you arrive. If you’re the forgetful type, you can just simply turn your system on or off with your smartphone.

 At Stevensons Air Control we can help you create a maintenance plan that will assist you with your HVAC needs in order to provide optimal efficiency to your system. Call Us today at (847) CONTROL or contact us by email at to learn more about our preventative maintenance options.


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