Furnace, Air Cleaner, Humidifier Replacement

At Stevensons Air Control, we can replace parts of your heating and cooling system, or the entire system depending upon your needs. If your system is needing constant repairs, you may want to consider Furnace Replacement. Eventually all systems need to be replaced. There may come a time when your repairs are costing more than the cost to replace it. If that’s the case, consider replacing your system.

Getting a Furnace Replacement offers you the chance to take advantage of newer technology and energy efficient  systems. If you’re making this choice, it’s most likely the first time you are looking into a new system. Look into all the options available for you. At Stevensons Air Controls, we’re happy to provide you assistance with this and replace the system for you.

Our professionals have been fulfilling beyond our customers expectations for over 30 years.

Partner with Stevensons Air Control to do your regular system maintenance. Residents from Des Plaines and all over the Chicago area trust our professional team for regular maintenance. We can check on your HVAC system and provide Furnace Replacement as often as necessary.

Furnace Replacement in Des Plaines IL

Since the early 1970’s, most home construction has shifted to a more energy efficient design. Our homes are all built “tighter" with the use of additional insulation, double glass windows and doors, and more weather stripping. This “tight" form of construction is much more resistant to fresh air exchanges and therefore tends to trap the stale, stagnant, polluted air that some of us spend over 90% of our time breathing in. Stevensons Air Control offers Furnace Replacement, Humidifier installation, and Air Cleaning options to improve the air quality in your home for your family and friends.

Complaints of sickness from polluted indoor air caused a nationally recognized issue by the late 1980s. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is now more of an issue than ever. Many kinds of bacteria and viruses pass through the air, including the common cold and other more dangerous illnesses such as Legionella. These organisms can thrive on the inside of heating and air conditioning systems, causing numerous health problems. There are also particles of pollen, dust mites, dirt, and pet dander to consider.

The solution to almost all IAQ issues is very straight forward with a proper diagnosis. Most homes have different requirements, therefore, the equipment our professional recommends for your home may be different from what we would recommend for your neighbors. We may recommend investing in a whole house humidifier installation or Air Purifier replacement project to improve the safety and quality of air in your house. You owe it to yourself and your family to have fresher, more breathable air that’s virtually free of potentially harmful contaminants.

  • The EPA – States that indoor air is one of the top five environmental health risks of our time.
  • American College of Allergist & Asthma – States that 40 – 50% of all illnesses are caused by polluted indoor air.
  • The Center For Disease Control – Offers Guidelines for using equipment that we use on a regular basis to disinfect and clean the air.
  • The EPA – States that the levels of hazardous pollutants in indoor air have been found to be 60 times greater than outdoor air.

Our Air Filters & Humidifier Installation Services Can Help You Feel Better

  • Ultra Violet Air Disinfection System – Kills bacteria, Viruses, Mold, Fungi, and other living microorganisms. Used in conjunction with a high-quality filter. Our Furnace Replacement & other HVAC services include an affordable UV air disinfection system installation or replacement for homes.
  • HEPA Air Filtration – Hospital grade high-efficiency particulate air cleaner. The highest filtration possible, removes particles/contaminants/bioaerosols down to 0.3 microns, 99.97% efficient.
  • High-Efficiency Media Air Cleaner – Removes small breathable particles and other bioaerosols down to one micron. (Non-Ozone Emitting). Stevensons Air Control offers reliable and proven air cleaner installation solutions and other HVAC services in Des Plaines IL.
  • Electronic Air Cleaner – Removes small breathable particles and other bioaerosols down to one micron. (Emits Ozone)
  • Electrostatic Air Cleaner – Removes particles at 70% efficiency.
  • Humidification – Adding moisture in winter can reduce the chance of upper respiratory problems caused by dry air. we offer dependable whole house humidifier installation services for homes to help you avoid health risks.

You can continue to not feel well and have more dust and dirt in your home than you need, or…

You can call Stevensons Air Control and make an appointment with one of our indoor air specialists. With our extensive training and experience, we can usually make recommendations with just an inspection of your home. We offer HVAC services such as Furnace Repair, Air Conditioning Installation, Furnace Replacement, and Air Conditioning Repair. If you or one of our specialists feels the need to perform a complete inspection of your ductwork with our state of the art High Definition Video Camera, we can set that up for you also. We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge with the latest machines that will tell us exactly where the problem areas are and what to do in order to promote a healthy indoor environment.

The Importance of Air Cleaner Replacement

The air inside your home is not as clean as you might think. According to the EPA, indoor air can be two times more polluted than outdoor air; many of these contaminants are caused by everyday items, appliances, and even furniture in your home. For example, gas stoves produce harmful toxins circulating throughout the house, while household cleaners emit harsh gasses. The air quality in your home can have a severe impact on your health over time, so it’s important to maintain your home’s ventilation system routinely.

Benefits of Replacing Your Air Cleaner

There are many benefits to replacing your air cleaner. Some potential health concerns caused by poor ventilation include increased risk for allergies, asthma, cancer, and even simple headaches. While you can’t control all sources of pollutants in your home-vacuum cleaners, carpeting, dry cleaning chemicals-you can take steps to reduce some common irritants with an air cleaner replacement. Replacing your air cleaner will improve your breathing and prevent further damage to the respiratory system.

  • Reduce symptoms of allergies, asthma, and more
  • Eliminate common irritants
  • Prevent respiratory damage
  • Increase air filtration
  • Increase the cleanness of the air in your home

Importance of Humidifier Replacement

Replacing your humidifier will ease the symptoms of dry skin and sinuses, including pain, irritation, and infections. An efficient replacement should increase humidity in your home and decrease the exposed surfaces that irritate you and your family. Humidifiers play an essential role in keeping your home’s air clean and healthy. By improving the air quality you breathe, you and your family can enjoy better health and greater comfort.

Benefits of Replacing Your Humidifier

There are many benefits to replacing the humidifier in your home. The most important are the health benefits for you and your family. A humidifier replacement will help eliminate common irritants that can lead to potential respiratory damage. Replacing your humidifier will increase air filtration in our home, guaranteeing you and your family are breathing in clean air.

  • Decrease exposed surfaces that trigger allergic reactions and irritation
  • Replace old humidifiers to improve breathing
  • Increase moisture in the home
  • Improve health by decreasing exposed surfaces

Importance of Furnace Replacement

Replacing your furnace is very important because it can present a risk to your family’s health. A new furnace will increase air filtration in our home, guaranteeing you and your family are breathing in clean air. Replacing your furnace will also decrease exposed surfaces that trigger allergic reactions and irritation. Furnace replacement can prevent respiratory problems.

Benefits of Replacing Your Furnace

Be mindful of vents throughout the house, especially ones used for heating appliances. Any damages to these vents should be addressed immediately because they can present severe risks to your family’s health. For example, if proper ventilation is not present in the basement, it could allow moisture to accumulate, which poses a potential risk for mold growth. This moist environment could promote fungal growth.

  • Decrease exposed surfaces that trigger allergic reactions and irritation
  • Fresh, breathable air
  • Improve overall health
  • Avoid hazards

Is Adding a Humidifier to Your Furnace Worth it?

One of the many benefits of adding a humidifier to your furnace is that it can help decrease exposed surfaces in your home that trigger allergic reactions and irritation, such as wood floors and furniture. A humidifier helps add moisture to the air, which will help keep your skin hydrated, improve overall health, and avoid hazards like static electricity. Adding a humidifier to your furnace can provide many benefits for your home. You can keep your skin hydrated and improve your overall health.

How Often Should You Replace Your Furnace?

The lifetime of your furnace depends on several factors, including the quality of the equipment, how well it’s maintained, and the climate where you live. However, most furnaces have a lifespan of about 15 years. If your furnace is older than that, or if you’re experiencing problems with it, it may be time to consider replacing it.

Air Cleaners and Humidifier Replacement

Though it may not be necessary to replace your air cleaner or humidifier every year, you must check the equipment annually. If you have a recirculating system, you should be able to add a new filter when needed, but if you have a separate furnace and air cleaner unit, these items will need to be replaced. The frequency of replacement depends on how often your home requires cleaning and replacing filters. Professionals recommend checking components in early spring before allergy season starts.