Residential Ventilation and Air Quality Repair

Your air ducts and ventilation play a crucial role in keeping a clean and comfortable home. Not only are they there to consistently keep the air flowing in your home, but they can help ventilate dust and other airborne pollutants.

If you are beginning to experience what you consider to be poor air quality, lack of comfort in your home, or poor air flow then you may be in need of ac duct repair to your air ducts and/or ventilation system. If so you should give those of us at Stevensons Air Control a call.

Our job is to ensure that your home is properly ventilated when it comes to our ac duct repair services. We take the time to diagnose the issue and take the proper course of action. Count on our ac duct repair services to be timely, as our offices and warehouses are located near all major highways so we can get service to you fast.

If you notice any strange behavior coming from your system, please reach out to us. These signs may show you that you may need a better system or better ventilation:

If your home is dryer than normal

Your HVAC system does not just operate as a way to monitor the temperature of the house. It also controls the internal humidity in your home. If you are having issues with the ventilation in your home then that can lead to extra dryness. This is especially prevalent when the weather is drier outside.

Dry air can have all kinds of effects on your home and health. Wood furniture has been known to crack or bend in dry air and it’s usually not good for your nose making you uncomfortable in your home. As the dry air spreads it will continue to overtake the moisture in your home making it even more uncomfortable for you.

If you’re experiencing dry air in your home then you may want to give Stevensons Air Control a call. Our team of experts can come in and figure out what the exact cause of your dry air problems are and help return your home back to a comfortable situation.

If you are seeing more dust in your house than usual

Too much dust is never a good sign in your home. Dust builds up naturally and is normal, but we all know what a regular amount of dust looks like and what too much dust looks like. If you’re seeing a lot of dust in your home then you may be dealing with ventilation issues.

If there is a prevalence of dust in your home then your duct system could actually be taking the air it’s supposed to be cleaning and pushing dust back out into your home. This can be a subtle problem, but if you’re someone with a dust allergy you will probably notice something is off pretty quick.

Let those of us at Stevensons Air Control come in to help you solve this problem. Whatever the problem may be we don’t want you to have a dust allergy attack in your own home. We can help you breathe easier.

If there is strange, lingering smells

If your home has a smell of some kind then it may be related to your HVAC and/or ventilation system. Smells are usually a sign of debris build up, sometimes mold or mildew, that can build up on services in high humidity environments.

If you notice a smell then it’s possible your ventilation system has built up these kinds of debris and you are smelling them whenever your AC or Heater turns on. If you notice these smells then you should call us for help so we can help diagnose the problem immediately as some people can get sick from mold.

Stevensons Air Control has an expert team that can help you solve this problem quickly so your home will return to smelling how you want it. Nobody should be suffocating from a bad smell in their own home.

Don’t let these issues linger

If you notice any of these factors, you may be experiencing problems with your humidifier, air cleaner, filter, cooling coil, or blower These issues may show up small, but they can escalate and lead to more serious problems. When they do become serious problems they turn into expensive problems. You want to catch these early.

 Once your ventilation is fixed you’ll be shocked at how everything is more comfortable and you won’t believe that you had been breathing unclean air for so long. Once you go back to having a repaired ventilation system you’ll never be able to go back.

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If you are concerned about your system, please reach out to us and we will be glad to help. We pride ourselves on being a family owned business that understands the community. People invite us into their homes to solve their problems because they trust us. We are trusted because we hold ourselves to a high standard.

We offer an emergency 24/7 line for those HVAC situations that just cannot wait until tomorrow. If you need our HVAC help then we will arrive quickly and do our best to solve the problem.

For 20 years we have given our customers efficient work performed in a professional manner at a fair price. If you want to be one of them then contact us through our contact page to schedule a service, or you can email us to If you have any more questions we will be pleased to answer them.