Heating Services

At Stevensons Air Control, we understand what it’s like dealing with a broken or suboptimal heating system. It is our mission to provide fast and dependable HVAC services to your home with our team of furnace and heating repair experts. Our team is well versed and knowledgeable in heating repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance. Our offices and warehouses are centrally located to all major highways to provide you with reliable service fast.

Heating Repair

Our HVAC service professionals will work to diagnose the issue with your unit and take the proper course of action for a timely repair. Keep in mind that your furnace or heating unit does not need to be fully broken for it to be in need of repair. Often times these units may still be running and only require small fixes, but will tell you in a big way! Some signs that you may be in need of heating repair may include:

  • Electrical issues like lights flickering when your unit turns on
  • An increased energy bill from an overworked heating system
  • Strange smells and noises coming from your furnace
  • Excess water leakage

If you notice any of these or other strange behavior, it is important that you contact a residential heating repair professional right away. These signs can often be telling of small issues and easy fixes. If these small issues are left unchecked, however, they can lead to more serious problems and more costly repairs down the road. Our professional HVAC services repair team will visit your home and inspect the issue to determine its severity and make repairs in a cost-effective and timely fashion.

Heating Replacement

Unfortunately, there comes a time in any heating system’s lifespan where it will simply cost less to replace it rather than repair it. Fortunately, the professionals at Stevensons Air Controls will guide you through the residential heating replacement process from picking out the perfect unit to the installation itself. Stevensons Air Control is a proud dealer of American Standard heating equipment. With our many years of experience, we find American Standard products to be of the highest quality, providing the most value in performance and longevity. That said, Stevensons Air Control carries a number of other reputable products from other brands, and can guide you to buying the unit ideally suited for your home, whatever it may be!

Use your broken down heating system as a reason to upgrade to a newer model. Ask yourself when the last time you replaced your heating unit was. Chances are, technology has advanced significantly since then, and modern heating units are no exception. Take this opportunity to replace your model with a more energy-efficient one and start saving money on energy bills. Our team members are experts in determining your home’s heating needs, and matching you with the perfect unit based on factors like its BTU and Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER ratings. These factors will help to determine how much energy is necessary for a heating unit to warm your space, and how effective it will be year-round.

Heating Installation

Remember that if your heating unit is in need of repair or a full-on replacement, it is best to install your replacement quickly, and not let it fall off your to-do list. Most heating systems can be expected to last roughly 10-20 years. After this point, it may be worth considering upgrading to a newer model. Once you have decided to replace your old unit and have chosen your new unit, it is time for the install. Count on the professionals at Stevensons Air Control to get the job done quickly, and get the job done right. Our heating installation technicians have been going above and beyond our client’s expectations for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on the long-lasting relationships we forge through our trusted quality work.

Heater Repair Service & Maintenance

Form a partnership with Stevensons Air Controls for years to come. Residents from Des Plaines and all over the Chicago area trust our professional team for regular maintenance of their heating systems.

How Often Should I Maintenance my Heating System?

We recommend having your heating system serviced one to two times per year, at least at the start of every heating season. There is nothing worse than your heating unit breaking down in the dead of winter, and regular maintenance can help prevent that.

Why So Often? 

Regular maintenance from a qualified HVAC technician will help to catch small problems and fixes as they occur. It is crucial that these problems are addressed early before they create larger problems for your unit.

Why Trust Stevensons Air Control?

Over 90% of our customer base has been with us for over 10 years! Our HVAC services are trusted by our clients because we take the time to listen to your concerns and assess the best possible solution to fit your home’s heating needs. For more information about who we are or our heater repair service visit our Facebook page.

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