Pump Motors, Pumps and Draft Inducer Motors

AC Motors are some of the most important components that are required for AC units to work. Each of these have bearings that will, eventually, wear out over time. Motors and pumps need to be checked for excessive wear. If either has excessive wear, both will usually fail in the same season and should be replaced before causing other damage to your system which can take quite a bit to replace. This is actually one of the reasons why you should pay attention to AC maintenance so you know when your AC needs to be fixed so you don;t miss instances where you think you might need new bearings to avoid damaging your AC unit so you don’t have to get your AC fixed. These motors are actually very complex aspects of the AC unit itself. But the first introduction of the motor goes back 100+ years. While several people were working on the project itself Nicola Tesla is the one who is credited for the first invention of the motor. And since then they have gotten more and more advanced as well as complex and that’s what spiraled them into what they are today. There are actually 2 main components of the AC induction motor. The stator and the rotor. The stator is made up of a ring of electromagnets, it also is fitted with thing slotted steel or iron layers that were stacked up to form a cylinder. When alternating currents flow through the wires they form pairs of poles, one that’s north and one that’s south. This results in a magnetic field that rotates with unified strength. But what about the rotor? The rotor itself consists of a group of electromagnets that are all arranged around a cylinder. The magnetic fields that are formed by the rotor are attracted to the field that’s formed by the stator. Which creates an alternating current. This type of motor is called an induction motor because the magnetic fields create a magnetic field in the rotor. That is a small bit of information about what’s called an induction motor, the same type of motor that is used in AC units. Checking up on these units is very important to extend the life of them. That’s why having a set schedule for AC maintenance is important not only for the AC unit but for yourself because then you won’t need to replace your AC unit. If you want to set a schedule feel free to contact us here. Or if you want to call us you can reach us at: (847) 266 8765. We look forward to hearing from you. But if you want to go over ways to maintain your AC unit we discuss a few ways you can maintain them here.