Boiler Burner Maintenance & Boiler Pilot Lights

Cold weather is rapidly approaching, which means it’s time to get your boiler checked out. Boiler burners and pilot lights are critical components of your boiler heating system. These types of heating systems are still in use in the Chicago area today. Regular boiler burner maintenance can help keep them functioning. Rust and corrosion are usually the main culprits of misfunction. These damages could lead to more significant problems without scheduled cleaning. With regular maintenance, you can avoid these issues. Call the team here at Stevensons Air Control to check out your boiler burner or pilot lights today. You’ll be glad you did!

Boiler Burner Maintenance

Proper boiler burner maintenance is vital. After all, a well-maintained burner will function and add life to your heating system. Regular upkeep can also help you avoid those winter Chicago days and nights. Do you want to ensure you are warm throughout the winter? Schedule boiler burner maintenance with Stevensons Air Control today!

The most common problems with boiler burners are rust, corrosion, and clogged ports. You can tell if your burner requires routine maintenance by the noise it emits when the system comes on. If you hear a loud banging or popping sound coming from your unit, this could mean that parts have become loose. Nobody wants to deal with loose parts, especially when they are a part of your boiler burner! Schedule a free consultation with us if you hear these noises or want to stay on top of your unit’s health.

Boiler Pilot Lights

The boiler pilot light is another essential part of a boiler heating system. It requires as much attention to the boiler burner, sometimes even more! While a boiler burner may still function but not heat your home, a boiler pilot light will keep it from heating at all. Have you ever went to bed nice and cozy only to wake up the following day and see your breath? If so, you know it’s not a good feeling. It could be that the pilot light went out or stopped working altogether. We can help determine the problem and fix it so you can get back to those warm, comfortable nights.

Importance of Regular Maintenance

Many homeowners often forget about their boilers because the units are not on their radar. With this in mind, you need to make sure you get it checked at least once a year. The best time to schedule boiler burner or pilot light maintenance is in the fall. This specific time is because the weather begins to cool down. You can hire our team of HVAC technicians to help catch and prevent problems before they happen! Maintaining your burner or pilot light is one of our services when you schedule a Boiler Clean ‘N Check.

About Boiler Clean ‘N Checks

Are you not sure what a Boiler Clean ‘N Check is? If you are looking for general boiler maintenance, this service could be the best choice for you. This recommendation is because we inspect every part of your unit instead of one area. However, we can focus on your burner or pilot light upon request. For example, excess dirt and dust can accumulate within your boiler. As a result, the combination can keep your unit from running smoothly. You can put less strain on the unit by scheduling an annual cleaning and inspection. This seemingly small step can extend your unit’s lifespan and be usable for years to come.

On a similar level, loose parts of your unit might go undetected, leading to subsequent damage. As a result, taking care of this small problem now can result in the prevention of a big one. Do you want to learn more about how a Boiler Clean ‘N Check from Stevenson’s Air Control can help your unit? Give us a call today!

Don’t Get Left in the Cold!

Our professional technicians can handle your boiler burner or pilot light maintenance needs. Reach out to us today to schedule your appointment. In no time at all, you will be ready for the next cold season and to keep your home nice and warm. Give us a call today at 847-266-8765 or fill out our online contact form. Whether you need a boiler burner or pilot light maintenance, we can help.