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One of the worst things that can happen throughout the year is your boiler breaking down just when you need it the most. Thankfully, our boiler maintenance Clean ‘N Check service can help! Here at Stevenson’s Air Control, we can help you save time and money when your boiler is experiencing difficulties. We know that a clean and well-maintained boiler is a reliable boiler, and yours should be no exception! Many people question the spending of money on something that seems to be working just fine. But, the reality is, the higher cost of most boiler breakdowns and emergency repairs can be easily avoided with a less costly annual cleaning and maintenance check.

Importance of Regular Boiler Maintenance

Many homeowners often forget about their boilers simply because the units are not on their radar. However, it is essential to ensure regular maintenance throughout the year. Thankfully, you can hire our team of HVAC technicians to help catch and prevent problems before they happen! Scheduling a Boiler Clean ‘N Check is one of the ways we can help.

For example, excess dirt and dust can accumulate within your boiler. As a result, the combination can keep your unit from running efficiently. You can put less strain on the unit by scheduling an annual cleaning and inspection. This seemingly small step can extend your unit’s lifespan and be usable for years to come. On a similar level, loose parts of your unit might go undetected, leading to subsequent damage. As a result, taking care of this small problem now can result in the prevention of a big one.

If you are interested in learning more about how a Boiler Clean ‘N Check from Stevenson’s Air Control can help your unit, give us a call today!

Breaking Down Your Boiler

Your boiler has many parts, and an issue with any of them can cause heating problems. Included are:

Pump Motors, Pumps and Draft Inducer Motors

Each of these has bearings that will, eventually, wear out over time. Motors and pumps need inspections for excessive wear. If either has excessive wear, both will usually fail in the same season and should have a replacement d before causing other damage to your system.

Thermocouples / Flame Sensors

Your boiler’s flame sensor is your boiler’s primary indicator that a fire is burning when the gas is on. The thermocouple is located near your pilot light to verify the pilot is on standing pilot boilers. With electronic ignition, a flame sensor ensures that your boiler is working correctly. These are subject to corrosion and dirt buildup that will affect their performance. When working with thermocouples and flame sensors, these must be clean and functioning correctly to prevent avoidable no-heat situations. These items should be checked, cleaned, and tested once per year.

Burners / Pilot Lights

If equipped, clean the burners, crossovers, and pilots can avoid low-heat issues, no-heat issues, and noise issues. Again, rust and corrosion are usually the main culprits here and could lead to more significant problems in the absence of regularly scheduled cleaning.

Electrical Relays, Contacts, Connections, and Circuit Boards

Just like a lightbulb, electrical relays, contacts, connections, and circuit boards can fail at any time with no warning. A visual inspection will usually indicate whether or not these parts require maintenance. We will look for burn marks, loose wires, and poor connections. As the power source for your boiler, malfunction or failure of these items will cause a breakdown in your entire system requiring emergency repair to have it up and running again.

Flue Pipe and Chimney

Inspections of flue pipes and chimneys should occur to ensure you have proper venting of exhaust gases. Proper ventilation is key to preventing dangerous exhaust gas or carbon monoxide in your home.

Expansion Tank and Piping

The expansion tank and piping should also be checked once per year for proper pressure and leaks. A small leak can indicate a more significant leak is on the way!


Thermostats should be checked once per year for correct operation. Also, replace those batteries in your thermostat.

When you hire Stevenson’s Air Control to clean and inspect your boiler, you hire a team that considers all of the unit’s parts. Do not settle for any other service that does anything less. Call Stevenson’s Air Control today to schedule a free boiler maintenance consultation!

The Components of a Clean ‘N Check

A Boiler Clean ‘N Check is a lot more complex than it might sound. Here is what a Boiler Clean ‘N Check by Stevenson’s Air Control consists of:

  • Clean
    • Boiler
    • Burners and Pilots
    • Flame Sensing Rod
  • Inspect
    • Flue Pipe and Chimney
    • PVC pipe (for high-efficiency boilers)
    • Condensate trap (for high-efficiency boilers)
  • Check
    • Thermocouple (if equipped)
    • Pump, pump motor, oil pump, and motor
    • Inducer motor (if equipped)
    • Hot surface ignitor (if equipped)
  • Check
    • Limit and Safety Controls
    • Gas Valve for Operation
    • Thermostat Operation
    • System Pressure
    • Water Feed Valve (remove and clean screen if possible)
    • Expansion Tank
    • Diaphragm Tank (if equipped)
  • Inspect
    • Boiler for leaks
    • Electrical wiring
    • Circuit board and connections
  • Visual inspection of water heater 
  • Final operational test

Our boiler maintenance and cleaning services will give you the peace of mind to ride out the coldest of winters. We recommend a Stevensons Air Control Clean ‘N Check at least once per year at the start of the heating season to make sure that your boiler is running efficiently and effectively. A boiler that is not functioning correctly is forced to work harder to produce heat, ultimately rendering it less effective in heating your home and a strain on your energy bill. 

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