AC Replacement

AC Replacement

How long have you had your current AC unit, or maybe a better question is “How long has it been since your unit was last replaced?”. Age conquers all and this is true even in the world of Air Conditioning! It would be great if our AC units never had to be replaced and were only in need of maintenance, but that is so rarely the case when it comes to AC Replacement needs. 

This is why, when the time has come to finally seek out AC replacement, your best bet is to look to Stevensons Air Control. Not only can we identify that your AC unit might need immediate replacing, but if your current unit has any more life left in it, we will let you know how long. How do we do this?

Regular AC Replacement & MaintenanceAC Replacement

Yes, you hear this from every AC technician and for good reason. Regular maintenance on your HVAC unit is necessary. Not only does this help you with regular repairs, but it can also extend the life of your unit. 

Do you typically have to make an AC replacement every eight years? Well that is far too short!  It should be lasting 10-15 years instead and a big part of why it might be having a shorter lifespan is not making the necessary repairs that have to be made throughout the year. 

Regular Repairs may push back the need for an AC Replacement

We understand that many people delay making an AC replacement until the unit has completely died. They usually do this out of wanting to avoid cost, but they shouldn’t have to do this. Through regular maintenance, you can extend the life of your unit and even monitor when it may be time for a replacement. By riding out your AC until it breaks you are costing yourself more money.

As your air conditioning unit ages, it begins to perform harder to keep your home cool. The harder it works the more power it demands. This means that your energy bill is going to rise and you won’t even realize that is the cause until you notice how long it is taking your home to cool off. 

You can avoid this scenario by having regularly schedule AC maintenance check-ups. Our AC technicians can tell you what parts of your AC are functioning well and what areas need attention. Caught early, small repairs cost less and prevent major, more costly repairs down the road. By doing this the life of your AC unit will be optimized, your bill will stay on the lower end and you will also be able to get a good read on the life of your unit as a whole.

When the time comes we will know

If you have had your unit for 10 years and it feels like there’s a new problem every summer,  that probably means the life of your AC unit is reaching its conclusion. This will sound like a huge expense on the way, but this is yet another benefit of having regular AC maintenance check-ups!

When we start to see that your AC just isn’t performing like it used to, we will tell you. We might tell you that, in the near future,  you may need to replace your AC unit. This will then give you time to get your finances in order so replacing your AC goes from a surprise cost to an expected one. 

When you do finally replace it, you will be amazed at the difference! Older AC units do not perform as well as today’s units. This means they take longer to cool your home and can struggle, particularly on hotter days.

When you do finally replace your AC unit you will wish you had done it so much sooner!  A new AC unit is going to cool your home far quicker, more efficiently and, probably, even quieter. Far too many people let their AC unit struggle through life. Don’t be one of those people!

What AC is best for you?

When it is finally time to replace your unit, our expert team will be able to quickly identify a unit that works for your situation. This is usually a case of assessing where you live, how you live,  taking measurements, making calculations and then deciding on what will work best. This fit is actually very important because choosing the wrong AC unit can have drastically negative effects.


Have you ever thought that if you just had a giant AC unit it would work better? It would cool your home in five minutes and you would never have to worry. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way. 

AC units need to match the size of the homes they were built for. Larger units are for larger homes because they need to work harder and the reverse is true for smaller homes. If you were to attach a unit for a large home to a small home then you will have problems.

AC units work by pulling the warm air from the home, turning it into cool air, and then pushing it back out. This also dehumidifies the home. They are built to run on cycles, but a larger unit will not perform proper cycles on a smaller home. This will lead to higher humidity in a home and in turn leave you feeling uncomfortable.

On the other side of things, a smaller unit in a larger home would have to work far harder to reach the desired cool temperatures. This would lead to inflated energy costs and drastically shortening the lifespan of the unit. 

It is important to recognize what size AC unit is needed for a home and we are some of the best at that!

What To Consider Before Replacing Your AC Unit

So you’ve created the choice to get a replacement AC. However, how does one select the correct unit?

Here area unit a couple of factors that would influence your decision:

  • Current AC System – Homes with beamy or baseboard heating might not have ductwork. To avoid big-ticket installation prices, one-room units or passageway mini-splits area unit the most effective choices. This goes for older homes furthermore, that possibly don’t have ductwork.
  • Location – wetness, average temperature, and overall climate have an effect on the scale, type, and value of the potency you select. For instance, investment during a dearer, higher-efficiency model is economical for hotter climates in southern states than here in Chicago.

There are minor other factors, but these are always the strongest two to consider. Another topic you should also be thinking of is what type of new AC unit you would like to have once you replace your current one. There are many AC units out her, but here are some types that we suggest:

  • Ductless mini-splits area unit excellent for cooling homes while not ductwork.
  • Split system and package ACs area unit your customary central air conditioners.
  • Evaporative coolers, additionally called swamp coolers, take away heat through evaporation and work most effectively in dry climates.
  • Portable, window, and wall units area unit designed to cool down one space in your home.

Affordable AC Replacement

Everyone loves a deal! No-one wants to pay more than they have to. We feel that way, too! But when it comes to such a critical component of your home or business facility, the lowest price may not be the best price. For whatever product or service you need, we’ll quote you a fair price – fair for you and fair for us. Like most of you, we and our employees have families to feed and homes to maintain and deserve a proper wage. While our prices may not be the lowest and, most certainly, not the highest, they will always be the fairest.

At Stevensons Air Control, we love what we do and it shows! HVAC is a fast-paced, constantly changing industry with new energy codes, regulations, and equipment. We enjoy the challenge these things present and gain satisfaction when we meet and master that challenge! The benefit to you is a company that makes sure you have a properly installed and working system that meets your budget with our affordable AC replacement!

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Whether you are looking to upgrade to the latest model of AC unit or you’ve had it with your current one, count on the professionals at Stevensons Air Control for your residential AC Replacement job. We are proud dealers of American Standard heating and cooling equipment. With over 30 years of experience, our team prefers and recommends American Standard for its high performance, longevity and customer satisfaction. Aside from American Standard, Stevensons Air Control also offers a variety of other options. Count on our team of professionals to assess your space and recommend the unit to best suit your needs and budget.

If you have not replaced your home’s air conditioner in the last 10-15 years, it may be time for a new one. Consider how far technology has come all around us- air conditioning units are no exception. Switching to a more energy-efficient model will save you money on energy costs and help you run a greener household. Our team will ensure that you are replacing your AC unit with the best option for your space. Get started with the professionals at Stevensons Air Controls today!

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