Boiler Relay Maintenance and Boiler Circuit Boards

The boiler relay is what makes your unit release heat based on the temperature set on your thermostat. When the temperature gets to a certain level, a message is sent to the relay that tells it to release heat to warm the room and when the temperature reaches the reading on the thermostat, it stops releasing heat.

Electrical relays, contacts, connections, and circuit boards can fail at any time with no warning and can lead to many problems for your heating system; and that’s something you don’t need. If your system isn’t coming on, it could be a faulty relay that will need maintenance or even replacement.

Boiler Relay Maintenance Service

All is not lost. A visual inspection will usually indicate whether these parts are in need of maintenance. We will look for burn marks, loose wires, and poor connections. As the power source for your boiler, malfunction or failure of these items will cause breakdown in your entire system requiring emergency repair to have it up and running again.

We have a great team of trained & experienced professionals that can handle any boiler electrical relay issues that may arise. We’ll come out to assess the situation and help you get back to those warm days & nights in your home.

We’ll Get You Back On Track

With proper boiler relay maintenance, your heating system can keep working at optimum proficiency. Contact our team of experts today at 847-CONTROL (847-266-8765) to take care of your boiler maintenance needs.