Boiler Burner Maintenance & Boiler Pilot Lights

Boiler burners & boiler pilot lights are critical components of your boiler heating system as these types of heating systems are still in use in the Chicago area today. Regular boiler burner maintenance can help to keep them functioning efficiently; rust & corrosion are usually the main culprits and could lead to larger problems in the absence of regularly scheduled cleaning.

Boiler Burner Maintenance is the Door

Proper boiler burner maintenance is vital as a well maintained burner will function normally and will add life to your heating system. Not to mention, regular upkeep will help you avoid those cold Chicago days and nights during the winter season.

Boiler Pilot Lights Are the Key to the Door

The boiler pilot light is an equally important part of a boiler heating system and requires just as much attention to the boiler burner, if not more. While a boiler burner may still function but not heat your home effectively, a boiler pilot light will keep it from heating at all. Have you ever went to bed nice and cozy only to wake up the next morning (or even in the middle of the night) to seeing your breath? It’s not a good feeling. It could be that the pilot light went out or stopped working all together. We can help determine what the problem is and fix it so you can get back to those warm comfortable nights.

Don’t Get Left in the Cold

Our professional technicians are trained & equipped to hand your boiler burner & boiler pilot light maintenance & repair needs. Reach out to us today to schedule your appointment so you can be ready for the next cold season and to keep your home nice and warm.