AC Maintenance: How To Maintain Your HVAC System

Ac Maintenance
Central AC maintenance is a crucial part of ensuring your HVAC system lasts. But a lot of people have no idea where to even start when it comes to maintaining their HVAC system. In this excerpt, we want to try and go over a few different methods that any average-day consumer can do to maintain their HVAC unit.

Replacing Your Filters

Now you would think this is a given when it comes to any unit, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t even pay it any heed. Which to be fair the thought of changing your filters isn’t something you’d typically be thinking about. It is recommended to change your filters every 1-3 months to ensure you aren’t putting a strain on your unit. If you don’t replace your filters you could run into the issue of negatively affecting the efficiency of your HVAC. But you also might be sitting here thinking “What if I have an air purification system?” If this is you, then it’s suggested you take a look at your manufacturer’s instructions for servicing the purification system. More often than not ductless systems also require filters that need to be cleaned.
AC Maintenance

Inspect Your Evaporators Coil Drainpipe And Drain Pan

This job is typically done by professionals but you are fully capable of doing it yourself if you need/want to. If you are unaware of where your coil drainpipe and the drain pan is you can ask your service technician. The next step of central AC maintenance is to clear any blockages that you can see or reach in your unit’s drainpipe. A clogged drainpipe is actually one of the most common issues that arise. One of the best ways to actually clear it up is to take a wet-dry vacuum and suck up any plugged up areas. If you need another solution bleach can actually be a lifesaver in this regard.
AC Maintenance

Inspect And Clear Any Blockage Of The Outside Unit

Your outside unit actually is at the risk of being the source of a problem with your AC unit. A major step in central AC maintenance is to ensure that there is nothing blocking the airflow to your outside unit. The recommended distance between your unit and any other obstructing object is 2 feet. So if you have to clear branches or trim bushes it is recommended you do so, so that you can avoid it being a problem.
AC Maintenance

Call In A Professional

Having a licensed professional sometimes is the best way to solve your issues. You can be walked through how to achieve the tasks we’ve mentioned as well as many other steps you can take to maintain your AC unit. We recommend calling in a professional 2 times a year to preemptively find problems that could take place and prevent it from happening. Doing this can actually make your HVAC system last a lot longer due to the fact all potential problems are already taken care of. AC maintenance as a whole is not only recommended but in many cases is required. If you need a professional to do AC maintenance contact us today.