About Us

About Stevensons Air Control HVAC Company

In 2002, we, a husband and wife team, had a desire to combine almost 20 years of top-quality experience with the highest levels of customer service. Having worked on some of Chicago’s largest buildings, we had the technical expertise. Having serviced residential customers, we understood their needs and desires. Having worked for other companies, we noted shortcomings and knew, on our own, we could do better.

We decided to take our technical know-how, management capabilities and commitment to superior customer service and do it for ourselves, our way. Today, our HVAC company, Stevensons Air Control, Inc., has become what we envisioned.

We are:
A family-owned & operated commercial/residential HVAC company offering our services to homeowners, commercial property owners, property managers and institutional facilities. We are located in Des Plaines, IL and have chosen to serve the North, West and Northwestern areas of Chicagoland.

Over the years, we have defined our values and developed our over-riding philosophy, stated as our pledge to you:

“Honesty, Proficiency, Professionalism…in a timely fashion…at a fair price.”

Plainly put, we will not sell you a product or service you do not need and we actually do the work you pay us to. The opposite occurs often in our industry and was a compelling reason we chose to start our own HVAC company. Our employees do not depend on commissions and are not pressured to up-sell.

Our innate and acquired abilities gave us the confidence to start out on our own and we have always recognized the necessity to impart that knowledge to our employees. We encourage and provide opportunities for continuing education and industry certification. We believe in and practice strong mentoring. This results in a staff of not just “part-changers” but problem solvers qualified to ensure that you have enough, clean, comfortable, indoor air.

Our vehicles are clean and mechanically sound. We use the proper equipment to do our job the right way. We are properly insured and licensed. We retain the necessary professionals that make sure we are compliant in all legal and financial matters. Our employees wear uniforms and are well-groomed. We are courteous to our customers and respectful of their property. We adhere to sound ethics and possess high morals. We will always treat you as we wish to be treated.

“In a timely fashion…”:
Most times, things can wait;  sometimes, they can’t. If you schedule an appointment in advance, we show up when we’re supposed to. Should you need emergency service in the middle of the night, we’ll get to you as quickly as possible. When it comes time for your larger project, we are committed to on-time scheduling and completing that project as quickly as possible, in the time-frame stated.

“At a fair price.”:
Everyone loves a deal! No-one wants to pay more than they have to. We feel that way, too! But when it comes to such a critical component of your home or business facility, the lowest price may not be the best price. For whatever product or service you need, we’ll quote you a fair price – fair for you and fair for us. Like most of you, we and our employees have families to feed and homes to maintain and deserve a proper wage. While our prices may not be the lowest and, most certainly, not the highest, they will always be the fairest.

At Stevensons Air Control, we love what we do and it shows! HVAC is a fast-paced, constantly changing industry with new energy codes, regulations, and equipment. We enjoy the challenge these things present and gain satisfaction when we meet and master that challenge! The benefit to you is a company that makes sure you have a properly installed and working system that meets all of today’s requirements.

Whether you are a homeowner, building owner or facility manager, we want to be your HVAC company of choice. We will work hard to achieve that with the best possible work at affordable prices.

Why Choose Us?

We're Affordable

We have products at various price points and competitive, fair labor rates. We’ll listen to your concerns and discuss options to fit your budget. Should you want financing, we’ve got that too!

We're Qualified

We have over 30 years of experience and we’ve just about seen it all. Our industry certifications and commitment to continuing education enable us to fix your problem and do it right!

We're Honest

We won’t sell you a product or service you don’t need and we actually do the work you pay us to. Honest!

We're Available

Most times, things can wait;  but sometimes,  they can’t. Contact us all day, any day. We’ll be there for you!

As a family owned and managed business, your satisfaction is our priority. Our reputation and livelihood depend on it!
We’re your residential and commercial HVAC experts. Contact us today and help is on the way!